Vale: Peter Bennett

As 2021 closed on December 31 the sad news that Peter Bennett had passed away.

Peter has a well documented story and was an active competitor in MG Racing, more recently he returned in 2014 with the blue MG B GT V8 he owned which was driven by good family friend Glen Taylor.    Peter was a truly passionate competitor and religiously followed MG Racing on Natsoft across every event.   

Peter’s car ran successfully at Sandown and Winton prior to selling the vehicle to Philip Chester who has taken the vehicle onto countless win’s and championships in recent years.   Chester commented Peter had followed the car closely, “since I purchased it Peter has been following very closely, he would call me to check how it is going and I really tried to keep the essence of what he built, It is the same blue, it has the same aerodynamics, wheels, the core car is the same and that is what I really wanted to do in taking what he envisioned but giving it the results he always wanted”.

Peter’s legacy will live on strongly with not only his blue B GT V8 moving forward but also the history in MG Racing.  MG Racing pass on our thoughts to Ingrid, the Taylor family and all Peter’s many friends.

Peter Bennett and Glen Taylor talking tactics