Triple Treat for Chester

Phil Chester secured his third MG Racing Championship in 2018 going back to back since 2016 confirming his move from the MG TF Cup car to the B GT V8 has been a positive move.

Chester’s third title came as he started to extract more pace from himself and engaged more professional support and against stronger competition making this one a little bit sweeter.

“Last year it was Richard (Milligan) and I, and the V8 field was depleted but this year is a bit sweeter as we have had a bigger field and a more competitive field, Richard again but this year Robin (Bailey) ran a few rounds, Ben (Mueller) joined us and Vince (Gucciardo) late in the season. All of them pushed me at times and I think I drove a little better than ever before and so on paper it might only look like I ‘breezed’ to a third one it wasn’t that easy”.

Chester’s season is one that many would be envious of, the raw results not telling the personal challenge he pushed for in 2018. 13x outright wins from 15 starts, with just a single 3rd place and a DNF to alter the result and 3x pole positions of 5 rounds. “The numbers make it look a bit easier, but at Winton earlier in the year it was tricky and Vince out qualified me, between Robin as well it wasn’t easy, and at round 2 we didn’t even qualify but came through for 3rd. The only finish that wasn’t first for 2018.

When pushed on a fourth title Chester said he is keen to see someone else take the prize, “I think it’s time someone else got their name on it, I am still hungry to get the best result I can and I am keen for a lap record or two for now, maybe in a season or so we will push for another title but I think it would be great to see some of the others have a crack for 2019”.

Chester is heading into 2019 with a few more updates on the V8 as well, “I have had a great crew behind me, earlier in 2018 I started having Marty at Garage 1 run the car and he has been fantastic, his attention to detail and his service is amazing, when he says something is done it is and if I ask a question he asks me 5 before we get an answer, the car is the best it’s been and the preparation is showing.   We are making a few changes before 2019 again so we can keep developing the car”

How the car compares to the C V8 he ran before Chester said it’s hard to compare, “the C was a very solid car, it was built to be a strong reliable car and it has been. It ran a carby engine, it is relatively low tech whereas the B is the level up again it’s got MoTeC this, and MoTeC that, it’s got a injected engine with individual stack injection, the aero is probably a bit more rudimental but I haven’t messed with that in honour of Peter who built it and I want to continue to keep that theme”.

Phil has confirmed he will compete in all rounds in 2019 but intends to help drive the V8 community forward.


2018 Season Record



1st 2nd 3rd DNF
3x Pole 13x 0x 1x 1x
1x 2nd        

1x DNQ