Yarra Valley Towing partner with MG Racing

The latest partner to MG Racing Australia is the well respected Yarra Valley Towing who have a history in both motorsport and collector vehicles.

Yarra Valley Towing are heavily involved not only in the trade but in the motoring community with current relationships throughout including a high profile V8 Supercar team. Owner Mick Kirkup commented on his passions for motorsport, “I have loved all sorts of motorsport for years and have been involved in sprint cars through to coming along to a few state race meetings last year and the common thing is the great camaraderie with the people and I am pleased to join the family that is MG Racing Australia”.

Yarra Valley towing are a specialist in the trade, specialising in not only race cars but high quality show cars and supercars and they pride themselves on quality and taking that little extra time to look after your pride and joy. Mick is proud to offer an exclusive 10% discount off the standard rate for any MG Racing family and friends requiring a tow and you know you can leave your precious vehicle in the safety of someone who cares.

“We have done lots of race cars, hot rods, show cars and high end exotics over the years, this isn’t just a job or a business but its my passion and that extends right through to everyone else’s so you can rely on us” commented Mick.

MG Racing is pleased to welcome Mick to the family and he will be in attendance at Round 1, “It’s great to work with Yarra Valley Towing for 2019 and beyond, a great company and someone who doesn’t go with the stigma of tow truck drivers, if you have ever seen the way they look after vehicles you will appreciate their work and I encourage people to give them a call if you need a tow” commented Paul Vernall, “Some people might have seen he is used by a few significant motorsport teams to transport their cars when they aren’t in the transporters, and that is worth more than it’s weight in words”.

Yarra Valley Towing are available for your tow so get in touch with them for your exclusive rate

Yarra Valley Towing
Factory 45 / 64 – 86 Beresford Road, Lilydale, 3140
PH: 1300 869 247