2021 calendar update

The 2021 calendar is taking shape after a tough 2020 season that has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

The 2020 calendar saw two trips to Sandown, a single trip to Winton and Phillip Island each plus a trip to The Bend Motorsport Park which was put on the backburner for 2022.

The state race series provided an indicative calendar pending a few factors which included 2x Sandown events, 2x Phillip Island and a sold Winton trip in 2021.  The only change was the Winton event moving from mid year to a March date, while the other four dates were similar to 2020’s planned calendar.

MG Racing have for a long time supported the VHRR Sandown Historic which we plan to continue with which bookends each season with a trip to Sandown, In addition we have the Winton Festival of Speed and the HSRCA have expressed desire for us to return for the same event as 2019. 

This gave us 8x events to break down for a intended calendar and find the happy medium between too much racing, and not enough.  The consensus is 6x events is a good medium and provided a balanced season which was our plan for 2021.  The committee discussed what events are priority to ensure support and then discuss the remainder.

The priority events were state round number 1 run by the MGCC Victoria, and VHRR Sandown Historic run in partnership with the MGCC Victoria and to continue our relationship with the HSRCA in Sydney.  The committee all agreed that we have been vocal about wanting an earlier date for Winton state round that we felt we had to support this event as the feedback has been received.  This gave us 4x of our 6x events, we then looked at what events have less support in the past, these events were the grand final day clash at Phillip Island which has seen the lowest grid in the last 10 years, and the Sandown state round in June where there is a high risk of cold and wet conditions (not ideal for MG roadsters!).  This left us with Phillip Island in April or May, and Winton Festival of Speed.

The committee put a survey out to request feedback on this proposed 6x event calendar and received strong support for all except the Festival of Speed in August which received unfavourable support. 

There was a number of members who requested Tailem Bend to be added into 2021, this raised some questions of if the group could manage two trips interstate in a single season, but many having had a year of no racing and with two failed attempts for ‘The Bend’ are keen to get there.  With a big window from June to November  in 2021 this has allowed an opportunity to trek to The Bend if a planned date comes to fruition.

Thus we arrive at a planned 2021 season calendar;

R1 – Sandown VSCRC – February 19-21

R2 – Winton VSCRC – March 27-28

R3 – Phillip Island VSCRC – May 15-16

R4 – HSRCA SMSP – June – aiming for Queen’s Birthday weekend

R5 – Tailem Bend SCCSA late September

R6 – Sandown Historic – November TBC