Sydney Motorsport Park features for 2019

MG Racing are pleased to announce that we will be competing at the 2019 HSRCA Sydney Classic Speed Festival which is on the Grand Prix layout of Sydney Motorsport Park.

The opportunity has come after being let down by the SA SCC in 2018 and looking at alternatives beyond Wakefield Park.  The event is run by the HSRCA, the NSW equivalent of the VHRR and is promoted as “turning back the clock to the golden era” and regularly features categories such as Group N Historic Touring Cars, Heritage Touring Cars, Regularity and the like.

Sydney Motorsport Park looking back at turn 1
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Captain Paul Vernall commented how exciting the opportunity is, “its a great opportunity that hasn’t gone without hard work and a lot of hard work is still to come but we hope the local NSW group will get behind us and support it.  We do have a few friends up there and it’s great to go to their backyard and to such a good event.”

MG Racing has already started planning towards the event and Phil Chester has confirmed plans are well on the way, “this started some 4 months ago and although we can only announce it now there is a lot of work already behind the scenes and we are keen to continue our current model with a function on Friday night, garaging or marquees all together and really bring the MG Racing experience to a new track.  We are already putting plans in place and speaking with competitors locally up there and there is no reason we wont have 30 cars”.

Vernall reiterated the support of the HSRCA has moved this along, “Richard Cardew and Phil started talking a few months ago about the idea, and they have been nothing but amazing at getting this off the ground, its a testament to the HSRCA for being so open minded and in 2019 we should feature at three major historic events in Australia which is fantastic”

Entries will open early in 2019 and more information will get posted as time goes on, if anyone has any queries please get in touch with committee (at)