Season Update

MG Racing has adjusted it’s official calendar for the 2020 season in light of a number of events being postponed or cancelled.

The original  season saw three rounds in the opening 5 months of the calendar year, the opening round of 2020 was run at Sandown where Vince Gucciardo took the championship lead before round 2 was cancelled altogether and round 3 postponed indefinately.  Paul Vernall commented on a number of aspects that have affected those rounds. “Round 2 was scheduled for late march, as we all know early in march activities in public groups changed rapidly and for the month of march things evolved quickly, this forced the cancellation of the second state round, and inevitably the third one.  Motorsport Australia were forced by the government to cancel events permits and that has also prohibited planning for the back half of 2020.  While there is no formal communication I expect the organising clubs of the VSCRC to try and adjust schedules to later in the year where they can, but there are a number of stakeholders, the organising club, Motorsport Australia, circuit’s and all the other groups involved.”

The VSCRC round committed by MG Racing thus are now run, and potentially won’t be rescheduled, “The whole thing has really put us in a space where we need to be dynamic and consider all our available scenarios, adding additional rounds in a compact period at the back half of 2020 isn’t necessarily in the best interests of our competitors so we need to consider our sponsors, competitors and whats best for the category”. Which then brings the back half of 2020, Winton, The Bend and Sandown Historic scheduled, “The VHRR have cancelled Winton, not postponed, so this means Round 2, 3 and 4 of 2020 will not be run at this point.  The Bend is still planned to go ahead, and planning has begun for Sandown Historic by the VHRR so we can confidently commit that these two events will run”.

What does this mean for the championship?

“We have not made any adjustments for the 2020 season yet, the committee have remained in communication and are going to continue to monitor the situation as it evolves and do whats best for our competitors and sponsors, at this point we will run three rounds of a planned 6, this gives us a few scenario’s, we can award champions based on these three events, or we can look at alternatively combining the 2019 and 2020 seasons and have a 2019/2020 season of 8 or 9 events spread out.   We encourage competitors to give us any feedback they have on what they wish to do but I expect we may get options to add additional 2020 events as well”.

Amended 2020 calendar so far

Round 1 – February 14-16       COMPLETED
Round 2 – March 28/29          CANCELLED
Round 3 – May 16/17               CANCELLED
Round 4 – August 8/9              CANCELLED
Round 5 – October 17/18
Round 6 – November 6-8