Sandown Historic grid builds

The Sandown Historic has built to 21 cars currently with what is building to a strong weekend.

Leading the way is current champion Phil Chester in his B GT V8 who will have Robin Bailey return in his B GT V8 to contend with.  The field is bolstered by Mike Wood in his B GT V8 albeit in Group S specification and a number of other classic racers with Gary Bulmer leading a strong group including Peter Rose, Don Mazzone and Greg White to name a few.

Of the modern field of cars a really strong field of ‘Zed’ MG’s including Jason Holmes, Chris Gidney and Jim Dodd lead the way while Andrew Watson joins in his ZR and the ex works build ZR Judd of Andrew Howell bolstering the ZR’s to a grid of 5.   Of the ‘F’s we have Vince Gucciardo and Rodney Gibb in their TF’s ahead of John Stevenson in his sole MG TC and Jim Robertson in the sole MG Midget.

The peak of the field will see a trio of family cars for husband and wife Tony and Jane Vollebregt with son Richard joining the campaign for 2017’s finale, the first time such a thing has existed for the series.

Rounding out the numbers see’s Geoff St John Cox as the sole Triumph currently and Richard Milligan as well.  With another 6 or 7 cars expected the field could swell to 30…