RV8 Debut locked in for Sandown Historic

After it’s launch a few months ago the MG RV8 of Simon Elliott will make it’s debut at the  VHRR Sandown Historic this weekend.  While initially it is a live test the plan is to get some understanding in a race environment as explained by Elliott, “we did a shakedown and the car ran well, the driver maybe needs a tune up but it was encouraging.  We have pushed to get to Sandown and treat this like a live test, we know we won’t win but if we can make progress and develop over the weekend in readyiness for 2023 then it is a win”.

The car is a big story for the series, built from the foundations of Peter Clark’s ‘rubber bumber’ MG B V8 Roadster the car has had a major transformation not least its striking bodywork but also the substantial roll cage, aerodynamic upgrades and drivetrain.  In every sense the car is a whole new car. “it has a history, but it is also just a great tool to showcase my business and MG Racing, I am so excited to get on track”.

The car will be one of many features for Sandown November 4th to 6th