Reigning Champion unveils striking livery for 2019

Phil Chester has unveiled a striking look for his 2019 campaign, the three time champion will defend his title once more but has launched with a new livery that features a number of brands that supported him in 2018 and ongoing into 2019.

The large Bristle Blaster logo’s have been replaced by Monti and the simple burgundy on blue has been replaced by day-glo on blue and really stands out, Phil Chester explains the change; “Bristle Blaster Australia has changed to be Monti going forward to tie in with the mother brand and as such we have had the branding on the car changed, at the same time I thought, let’s see what we can do to make it stand out better and thanks to SignPoint this is what we came up with”.

The car features support from Monti, Yarra Valley Towing, Garage 1, GB Galvanizing as well as series supporters Splatts, MG Cranbourne and more.  “I think it looks really good and will stand out, against the fluro green of Rhys car it will certainly make us all stand out and will be exciting to see what it looks like on track” commented Chester.

When asked about taking on Rhys Howell who will debut the SV-R Chester was careful not to get ahead of himself, “Rhys is a very good driver, he will challenge me in the SV-R but obviously they need to get on top of the car as well so there is some challenges for them.  I expect them to get on top of it pretty quickly and it will make my life pretty hard.  But it’s great for the category, we have five open V8’s at the opening round and the quality is as good as it has been for 5 or 6 seasons so it’s going to be a great year”.

Chester will be joined by stalwart Robin Bailey as well as new comer Ben Muller and Vince Gucciardo in the Sebring C and the debut of Rhys Howell in the SV-R.

Practice gets underway Friday ahead of 3x races Saturday and Sunday