NSW MG Racing Series

The NSW MG Racing Series was born from a number of NSW competitors running in the Victorian Series and the Victorian Series visiting SMSP in 2019 and 2022. There are many MG race cars and eligible Invited British Sports Cars in ACT and NSW that have been longing for a “place to race”. Whether you have a MG race car that does not qualify as historic or you would like to broaden your racing, please get in touch. Or if you have a British Sports Car that fits our criteria, we would love to welcome you.

As at March 2023 NSW and ACT competitor information is being gathered. If you are interested in joining MG & Invited British Sports Car racing in NSW please complete the form here or contact one of the people below.

Sam Girgis     architect@bigpond.com                    0403 322 496
David Baigent      thebaigents@optusnet.com.au     0407 137 776
​Nick Sebesfi      sebesfin@optushome.com.au     0419 044 099

Yet to Be announced

NSW MG Racing Series
NSW Invited British Sports Cars Series
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