New cars & new stars ready for 2018

New cars and new drivers and a resurgence in V8 MG’s will star at this weekend will see the 2018 Hobson Stores MG Road Racing Championship kick off at Sandown Raceway in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs.

A 26 car field will take to the track at Sandown with new faces, new cars and a lot of excitement to come. New faces in the field are Hendrik Zwarteveen in the ex Ross Kaigg MG B Roadster and Sean Herlihy in the ex Cody Hill MG F, both having successful shakedowns at Sandown last weekend setting consistent 1:35’s between both. Travelling from Adelaide we also see Trevor Dunford join the field in a Group S MG B GT V8, having campaigned in the local historic scene in South Australia he will make his debut with MG Racing at Sandown.  Finally Darren Souter who has experience in Group Sb in Victoria will join MG Racing alongside friend David Anderson for the weekend.

Rodney Gibb with Brian and Paul Luti in Scotland

Those four will be joined by new cars, with Rodney Gibb leading the way in the ex Dreadnought MG ZT 520 from Scotland, the car landed in Australia two months ago and has since had some updates to make it more usable for Rodney. Another V8 joining the field is Vince Gucciardo who has purchased the ex Phil Chester/Bob Nordlinger C GT V8. The car has had a few updates and changes for 2018 and a new livery.


The field will see the strongest V8 grid in recent times with reigning champion Phil Chester (B GT V8) joined by Richard Milligan (B V8 Roadster), Robin Bailey (B GT V8) and Gucciardo in the Open V8 field while Mike Wood (B GT V8) and Dunford will run their V8’s, the Invited British field will see Keith Ondarchie and Shirley St John Cox in their Triumph V8’s.

Back from 2017 will see Chris Gidney in his MG ZR after taking the Modern class win last season, Jim Dodd and Andrew Watson will join in their ZR’s.  The historic field will see a strong field of MG B Roadsters with Greg White, Peter Rose, Don Mazzone and Jane Vollebregt back for more after strong runs in 2017.

The series will have qualifying and 3 races (2x 8 lap and 1x 10 lap) over the weekend to kick of 2018.

No Entrant   Driver Vehicle Cap
1 Bristle Blaster Australia / Monti Philip Chester 1972 MG B GT V8 5600
6 Peter Rose 1963 MG B Roadster 1800
7 John Stevenson 1947 MG TC 1850
9 Gregory White 1966 MG B Roadster 1860
10 Morris Garages / RM Racing Richard Milligan 1974 MG B V8 Roadster 5100
11 David Mottram 1974 MG B Roadster 1796
12 GB Galvanizing Service Vincenzo Gucciardo 1968 MG C GT V8 5000
19 Torq Racewear / Marchand Watch Company Chris Gidney 2002 MG ZR 1796
28 Ultraglaze Detailing Paul Vernall 2005 MG ZR 1796
32 Triple A Motorsport Rodney Gibb 2005 MG ZT 520 4996
34 The Hobson Stores Andrew Watson 2002 MG ZR 160 1796
35 Splatt Engineering / Chequered Flag Storage Robert Splatt 1969 Triumph TR6 2498
36 Hema Hydraulics P/L Hendrik Zwarteveen 1964 MG B Roadster 1867
40 Team Triumph Racing Keith Ondarchie 1975 Triumph Stag 5000
41 TRacing Aura Design Barry Pritchett 1970 Triumph TR6 2498
48 Anthony Vollebregt 2001 MG ZR 1800
49 Aussie Pools Jane Vollebregt 1966 MG B Roadster 1867
50 Robin Bailey 1975 MG B GT V8 4890
52 Don Mazzone 1975 MG B Roadster 1860
53 Michael Wood 1973 MG B GT V8 3500
66 Eclipse Signage James Dodd 2002 MG ZR 1800
68 Aussie Pools David Anderson 1967 MG B Roadster 1862
69 Darren Souter 1969 MG B Roadster 1800
80 Sean Herlihy 1990 MG F 1800
83 Trevor Dunford 1974 MG B GT V8 3570