Motorsport Australia update on COVID-19

Published on 5pm on 14 March 2020

Motorsport Australia is well aware of the ongoing and fluid situation surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

We understand that there are many motorsport events scheduled in the coming weeks, however there has been no need to cancel any events (aside from the Australian Grand Prix) as of Saturday, 14 March.
Motorsport Australia’s COVID-19 internal working group will continue to meet regularly and will work to ensure that all licence holders, officials, clubs and event organisers are provided with up to date information as required.
At this stage, all permits issued remain valid and there is no requirement for events to be postponed or cancelled. All event organisers should also now be aware of the Federal Government’s announcement warning against any public gatherings of over 500 spectators. Given the majority of grassroots events would fall below this number, it should have no impact on club and state level events. Event organisers are of course encouraged to utilise hand sanitisers where possible, and ensure good hygiene practices are encouraged through signage and any communications.
All attendees at events are reminded to follow the government’s advice, and if they feel unwell should not attend.
A further Motorsport Australia update will be provided on Monday, unless there are significant changes prior to this time.