Historic Sandown grid building

The final round of 2018 will be upon us in less than a month with the 26th annual Historic Sandown where we will all “feel the thunder”!

With 31 entries so far we will see a strong field across the weekend highlighted by no less than 6x V8 MG’s supported by 10x MG B Roadsters which will make great racing on track. The round will decide our 2018 champion which will come down to a battle between Phil Chester, Richard Milligan and Chris Gidney for honours.

Entries close later this week and a full entry list will be up shortly after


James Robertson MG Midget Special
Robin Bailey MG B GT V8
Phil Chester MG B GT V8
Michael Wood MG B GT V8
Ben Muller MG B GT V8
Richard Milligan MG B V8 Roadster
Rodney Gibb MG ZT 520
Barry Pritchett MG TF Cup
John Stevenson MG TC
Chris Gidney MG ZR
Anthony Vollebregt MG ZR
Jim Dodd MG ZR
Andrew Watson MG ZR
Darren Souter MG B Roadster
David Mottram MG B Roadster
Don Mazzone MG B Roadster
Peter Sortwell MG B Roadster
Jane Vollebregt MG B Roadster
Geoff Pike MG B Roadster
David Anderson MG B Roadster
Peter Dunn MG B Roadster
Peter Rose MG B Roadster
Greg White MG B Roadster
Alister Ondarchie Triumph TR7
Keith Ondarchie Triumph Stag
Alana Ondarchie Triumph Stag
Trevor Lindsay Triumph GT6
Ursula Weidenmuller Triumph TR6
Ed Ferguson Triumph TR7 V8
Geoff St John Cox Triumph TR7 V8
Simon Elliott Lotus Elan 26R