Herlihy Father & Son set for Round 2

Father and son due Michael and Sean Herlihy will line up for Round 2 ahead of a part season campaign from Michael Herlihy that will kick off at the second round.

Sean Herlihy is in his second full year in his Derby Werks backed MG F and sits 12th outright and second in Modern class after the opening round, “I had some cooling issues in the heat and the result’s were probably a little behind what I was hoping, I didn’t have a lot of horsepower to start and then it decided to be 40 degrees and I lost most of what I had so… “ Sean commented as he prepared for Round 2.

The F will have a minor birthday to alleviate some glitches from Sandown, “we had some bushing issues so I have replaced most of the bushes and a bit of a service and she will be right, the flowing nature of the track should help me out a bit”.

Meanwhile for Michael it will be a case of dusting off some cobwebs, “it’s the same car that I have run for 20 odd years, we started getting it a bit more sorted about 18 months ago and I did a couple of sprint days and thought let’s get back out there and race… and with Sean it is a great chance while we can to do it together.” The familiar blue MG B Roadster will be a nice addition to the MG B field for Round 2.

“Funnily enough the cars are pretty evenly matched in terms of lap speed so it could be an even race between the two of us, the F has some mid corner speed and the B a little more top end so it will be a great weekend” Michael commented as he looks forward to the weekend that will see both head to Round 3 in Sydney in June as well.

Sean is hoping youth comes out on top, “I want to beat dad but just being out there close to each other will be enough so I can’t wait. This is the stuff you remember forever and I am lucky we both share the same passion”