Gucciardo completes successful test

Vince Gucciardo debuted his newly rebuilt outright MG contender at a cold and wet Winton motor raceway today.

The car as revealed during the week has been part of a comprehensive rebuild after an early testing accident this year, the car has since had a number of updates and changes as Gucciardo steps into the top class of MG Racing.   Gucciardo completed around 50 laps of the circuit prior to the Festival of Speed in two weeks time, “It was all about just getting some laps and getting comfortable in the car, I wasn’t chasing lap time but just seat time” commented Gucciardo.

The car is one of 7 V8 MG’s that will take part at Winton in what is part of a big resurgence in recent times for the Open class.

Gucciardo commented it was a really productive day for him, “after all the work it was such a relief to roll it back on the trailer in one piece, and all the work everyone has put in has paid with such as strong and faultless test.  I am looking forward to going back in a few weeks again and feeling comfortable”.  When asked if there are any changes he has to make to the car or updates after the shakedown Gucciardo said he was pleasantly surprised, “only setup work, it was really solid and the last 10-15 laps I was really comfortable so some minor tweeks but its in a really good spot for a first shakedown.  All the guys who helped did a great job getting it in the right space from day 1”.

The car will have some strong opposition at Winton in two weeks with current championhip contenders lead by reigning champion Phil Chester, Robin Bailey and Richard Milligan all set to run with Ben Muller debuting a GT V8 as well.