Gibb launches assault on 2018 Championship!

Big News out of Scotland last night is the purchase of an MG ZT V8 by Rodney Gibb with the intention to compete in the 2018 MG Road Racing Championship.

Gibb has been a stalwart of MG Racing, campaigning an MG F Trophy, MG Midget and most recently an MG TF. Gibb recently got the bug for something that was a bit bigger and easier to drive than the mid engine and sometimes tricky TF.

The car was built by Dreadnaught Racing in Scotland, and campaigned numerous events including the Britcar 24 hour at Silverstone during its sporadic career, Dreadnaught owners the Luti family campaigned the car with son Paul steering it successfully.

The ZT features a motorsport version of the Ford V8 that came fitted to MG ZT 260 production cars, but in this case it produces around 500 horsepower and has a sequential gearbox.

The car will be a feature of the field in 2018 joining the only other MG ZT competition car already out here that is owned by Adrian Akhurst, 2x ZT V8’s on track in 2018… This is going to be good!


Rodney Gibb with Brian and Paul Luti in Scotland