Early Entries for Historic Sandown

Early entries for one of the classic events in the motorsport calendar, Sandown Historic, are starting to roll in, headlined early on with Jim Robertson’s Midget alongside Robin Bailey and Phil Chester leading the V8 brigade.

Entries have been open for just over a week and a strong field of 10 entries are already received.  Geoff Pike returns for the first time in 4 years with his MG B from New South Wales while husband and wife Jane and Tony Vollebregt will line up in their MG B and ZR respectively.

Phil Chester commented on the plans for Sandown starting to progress, “we are really putting effort in this year to step it up again building on MG Alley from the last two years we want to take it further, bigger and better but as we get more on that we will announce it.  Again the AGM will be held Saturday afternoon and stay tuned for a light social gathering”

Sandown Historic is a feature of the local calendar and in 2018 it celebrates the Sports Car history of Australia and Sandown which has featured some of the most significant races in Australian history including the World Sportscar Championship.  MG Racing will again feature a qualifying and three race format across the two feature days with private practice on Friday.

The entry page can be found here