Ciarma upgrades to V8 power

Danny Ciarma competed at Round 1 in a 4 cylinder MG B GT he purchased late in 2021.  After debuting with MG Racing in an ex Tarmac Rally B GT he then sought a Group S log booked MG B GT late last year although was confronted by the requirements around upgrades to make the GT competitive.  It didn’t take long after just 2 events in the GT for him to decide he needed the old Jeremy Clarkson method of “POWAH!” and he started the search for V8 MG.

Mark O’Neill has been sounding out options to sell his B GT V8 in recent months and after a quick chat a deal was struck, Ciarma acquiring the B GT V8 and entering for Round 2.

Ciarma was immediately on the pace on Friday at Winton before some concerns on the engine saw him withdraw on Saturday taking the safe route to get the car sorted.

“I am really pleased, I mean having any issue isn’t what you want, but at the end of the day the car was solid to drive, it will take some adjusting but it’s a good challenge and I am competitive which is what I want” explained Ciarma.

When asked what it’s like compared to his prior cars, “look it’s different, the others you sort of have time, they don’t have the power so you really drive them into the corner and use momentum, the V8 has that torque.  It is a short wheelbase, it’s still relatively light, but you need to use the drive on exit and not fire it in as much, it’s a beast of a car so love it so far”.

Ciarma plans to be at Round 3 onwards and looking towards a full assault on 2023.