Bathurst Winner joins field for Sandown Historic

Star power joins the 2022 Sandown Historic with Michael Roddy’s well known TWR Jaguar XJS that won the 1985 Bathurst 1000 joining the field for the weekend.  Roddy has been a well known competitor in Victorian Sports Cars, Sports Sedans and more recently the Heritage Touring Cars.

Roddy brings his 1985 Bathurst winner for a run and explained it is all about fun with like minded enthusiast “look my business is classic British cars, and so it’s a fit of similar enthusiastic owners who are out there to have fun, the MG & IB field rarely has issues with safety cars, damage, driving standards and so it fits for me to have the confidence to run the car with the group”.

Captain Paul Vernall expressed his gratitude that Roddy wanted to join in, “it’s great to have him part of the weekend, an amazing  car and driven well by Mike so it is a pleasure that he joins our field and what a sound the big Jag will make!”

Roddy recently ran the car at the Bathurst 1000 support race but the car is fine for sandown “I made a mistake, I got a bit frustrated and lit the rears up and bumped into the wall, it was superficial I ran the rest of the race with no issues and the car is fine and ready to go”.

Get trackside at Sandown for the biggest field of the year