2016 Annual General Meeting

The 2016 MG Road Racing Championship AGM was held at Sandown on the 5th of November.

Peter Rose chaired the meeting and as no other members to stand the existing committee were re elected with Paul Vernall as captain.

The committee for 2017 will therefore be;

Paul Vernall – Captain Jim Dodd – Secretary Phil Chester – Treasurer Sean Herlihy Jason Holmes Chris Gidney Keith Ondarchie – Invited British Representative

The general meeting after saw Paul raise idea about interstate race meeting in 2017 which received no responses and a break down of 7 possible Victorian rounds in 2017 to make up the championship. There are no current rule changes on the horizon but opened it up for feedback or issues.

Paul Vernall would like to thank Peter Rose for chairing the meeting and Robin Paige for being returning officer.